I feel so much calmer and at peace and now ready to go into positive action mode over the next few days. This issue had been weighing heavily on me for more than two months and I finally get to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so, so much! You have a great way of leading into the right direction and perspective.


The way Teresia coached me, I perceived her as truly genuine, which is extremely important to me. She guided me through the session, explained when I had questions and patiently listened to me. She offered her take on my situation (always asking for permission first) and came with realistic suggestions I could try. And I will try them!


Teresia is one of the most amazing people I have met. She not just trains your body, but she also massages your soul. She has an immense knowledge about the human body which she combines with her experiences in various types of sports. She has a heart of gold. She gives warm hugs. I am so lucky that I have been introduced to her.

Teresia is an incredible instructor, finding always the right balance between motivating you and challenging you to reach new levels! I've been practicing Pilates with her for several years and I not only benefit from her excellent technique and cueing, but also leave the studio every time feeling much taller, lighter and happier!


Great training and super cool personality. I love it since years!