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Staying curious

Swap the story for curiosity

Approaching life – people and situations – from a place of curiosity makes us kinder, more open, less rigid. However, we often show up with stories in our heads, almost like an internal movie playing. These stories are just our own versions of reality, and the further our story is from reality the more stressed we feel about it.

Meet the world with curiosity, without fear and judgement, and the world smiles back.

Meet yourself with curiosity,

and you are met with a smile as well.

Image by Steve Halama

The baggage drop

The subtle art of letting go

We tend to carry around a lot of baggage.

It can be mental baggage like worry, 

comparison, not being enough being too much.
It can be physical baggage like tension and pain.

Or a cluttered environment and over-filled agendas.

Very often our baggage is linked to performing – as parents, friends, family members, colleagues, students – we are even performing as ourselves. How about dropping off some of that baggage and continue your journey a little lighter and freer?

The happiness connection

It doesn't matter where we start

It can be a moment of revelation in a coaching session. Being out in nature. Moving our body. Finding stillness in meditation. Having an honest conversation with a loved one. 

What we all want is a happy head in a happy body.

It's all connected. After all - it's part of the same body.  

Image by Sasha  Freemind
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