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Working with me

Life coaching session

More joy. More freedom. More clarity.

We humans tend to hold on to so much — thoughts, beliefs, things, people, jobs — the list is long. Holding on to what does not serve us blocks us from experiencing more joy, more freedom, more clarity in our lives. 

In my life coaching sessions I apply the Co-Active coaching principles. I am also using The Work, a brilliantly simple process of four questions.

When we become present in the moment and focus on being more than doing, we approach life from a very different perspective. 

And that might just change life as we know it.

Contact me for an initial session.​


Private pilates session

The greatest of designs: Our body

As I came in contact with the pilates method it was love at first sight. I have never experienced a method that is so intelligent, intuitive and concise. Our bodies and minds feel different from one day to another, and should our exercise should reflect that. I strive to make every session unique and versatile.

In my work I apply the Anatomy Trains fascial focus. It has profoundly changed the way I see the connections in the body. The studio sessions are one-on-one utilising the full repertoire of the pilates equipment. 

A pilates session is going on an adventure into your body. 

Contact me for an initial session.

I work in Zurich, online and over the phone in English, German and Swedish.

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