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Life Coaching

A calm mind. Clear thoughts. Perspective. Joy and humour.

Happy thoughts in a happy head. A happy head in a happy body. It's all connected. 

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Teresia is one of the most amazing people I have met. She not just trains your body, but she also massages your soul. She has an immense knowledge about the human body and the mind. She has a heart of gold. She gives warm hugs.
I am so lucky that I have been introduced to her.

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What we can do together

Do you have a certain situation, a person or a thought that keeps occupying
your mind? Something you want to do but you haven't made it happen yet?

As an ICF accredited coach I'm here to accompany you on your journey to a calm mind, clear thoughts, perspective and joy. Happy thoughts in a happy head.

Your 30 minute connecting session is free of charge and commitment. I work in Zurich, online and over the phone in English, German, Swedish and Finnish.   


About Me

Some years ago I read a book about the things people regret the most at the end of their lives. Two things especially stood out and spoke to my life values. 

One regret was for not having the courage of living a life true to oneself, but instead of one others expected of you. Do you know the saying life is not a dress rehearsal? It’s happening right here, right now. Every day begins with possibilities. The choices we make during a day have an impact, sometimes smaller—sometimes life changing. 

A life true to oneself is making choices that align with our core values, and making them over and over again. Sometimes the choice is clear as in “of course” or “naturally” and sometimes it is the courage to take the leap as in “Will I fall or will I fly?”. 

Another regret mentioned in the book was not letting oneself be happier. It brought tears in my eyes when I first read it. Imagine living a life not realising that happiness is a choice. It might be a tough one, it still is a choice. 

Just imagine what life would look like if we would respect our core need for happiness, one choice at a time? Or imagine not taking this life so seriously? We seem to think that taking things seriously means being responsible, but is it really? We all love to laugh and goof around and feel like teenagers—what keeps us from doing it?        

My life path has taken me on a journey from my birth town Helsinki through Amsterdam and Munich to Zurich. On the way life has asked me to make tough choices. Sometimes the choices have been made for me when I haven’t had the courage to do so myself. I have traveled through the corporate world, stayed at home with my two children, started my own business as a pilates instructor and as life coach. 

I often say that I am in the happy business. I am one of those fortunate individuals who truly love what I do. My happiness comes from accompanying you on your journey and sharing your moments of growth.

Curious to know more?

I am here for you.

Teresia Björnberg

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