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life coaching

Teresia Björnberg
Co-Active Coach, CPCC, ACC (ICF)

A calm mind. Clear thoughts. Perspective. Joy and humour.

Being heard. Feeling seen. Happy thoughts in a happy head.
A happy head in a happy body. It's all connected. 

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I can really highly recommend Teresia. Teresia creates such a warm, safe and supportive atmosphere that makes it easy to open up. By asking the right questions and providing guidance, she has helped me gain clarity on my thoughts and feelings. The sessions were very helpful and gave me the tools to make decisions that are in line with my values and goals.
Grateful to have had Teresia as a coach!

Image by Dawid Zawiła

What we can do together

What do you want in your life?

Where are you right now?

Where could you be?

What will you do to get there?

I'm here to accompany you on your journey towards...

...a calmer, less stressed mind.

...clearer thoughts, knowing what is truly important. perspectives that open up new possibilities.

...boundaries, what is ok and what is not ok.

...letting go of what doesn't serve you anymore. and humour, more laughing and less taking things too seriously.   

Your 30 minute connecting session is free of charge and commitment.

I work in Zurich, online and over the phone in
English, German, Swedish and Finnish.   

Usually I meet my clients for bi-weekly sessions during 3-12 months. However, this is your journey so it will be tailored to what serves you best. 


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About Me

What does life look like when have the courage of living it true to ourselves?

Instead of what we think others expect of us.

How does happiness feel when it's a choice? Not an outcome.


What can we let go of in order to make space for something else? 

How does the body interpret what the soul wants to say?

These are some of my life questions.
You are most welcome to ponder on those with me. 

My life path has taken me on a journey from my birth town Helsinki through Amsterdam and Munich to Zurich. On this wonderfully scenic route through different places and cultures 
I have become what I am today. Sometimes life has asked me to make tough choices. 
Sometimes the choices have been made for me when I didn’t have the courage to do so myself. I am grateful for every experience and can't wait to see what is behind the next corner. 

I believe in curiosity instead of judgement.

In being content instead of comparing.

In listening instead of talking.

In gratitude instead of more. 

And humour, life's game changer! 

My passion for people and their wellbeing has always been a red thread in my life. In my coaching I thrive in accompanying my clients towards better mental and physical balance. 
I often say that I am in the happy business.
I am one of those fortunate individuals who truly love what I do.

My happiness comes from sharing your life, your choices, your growth.
Being part of your journey. 

A happy head in a happy body. It's all connected. 

Curious to know more?

I am here for you.


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